Cat Symbolism & Meaning

Cat symbolism and significance can be both attractive and enigmatic. From superstition to witchcraft, magic, and intellect, there’s something for everyone. Cat has so many valuable lessons to provide.

Do you have no idea where you’re going? Are you looking for a better balance? The Cat, as a spirit, totem, and power animal, may be of assistance!

As you gather your bearings, Cat shows you how to stay properly positioned. Explore Cat symbolism and significance to see how this animal spirit guide may help you relax, settle down, and support you!

Symbolism and Meaning of Cats

What’s going on, Pussycat? You seem to have been up to a lot of mischief throughout history. A kilometer-long yarn bow links human civilization and cats. People either adore or despise cats. However, cats and dogs are the most popular pets in the United States.

About 4,000 years ago, cats were domesticated. The Ancient Egyptians used cats to keep mice and rodents at bay, especially in food storage facilities. Cats’ hunting skills inspired the Egyptian symbolism and significance for them. Anyone who killed a Cat would receive the death sentence.

In the second century, the actual depth of Egyptian cat adoration is revealed. Persia and Egypt are at odds. The Persians were dead set on conquering Pelusium, and they planned to accomplish it with the help of Cats. The Persian forces were dragging Cats into combat by soldiers atop the towers.

What a thorny problem this is! 7,000 Persians died due to the current Persian approach, compared to almost 50,000 Egyptians who perished. The Warriors simply declined to assault for fear of harming Bast, the Cat-Headed Goddess’s hairy form.

This occurrence demonstrates that Cat Spirit understands the necessity of correctly using religion rather than manipulating it for selfish advantage.

Bast, the Goddess of the Home, Fertility, and Women’s Mysteries were a very popular Goddesses. This isn’t to say that this Kitty Goddess didn’t have claws. She is a staunch supporter of women and children. Cat Spirit is a guardian spirit with historical links to the Divine Feminine.

The mummified bones of loving Cats have been discovered throughout Egypt, assuring that the Cat would safely journey to the Field of Reeds (similar to Heaven) and play contentedly for all eternity.

Egyptians weren’t the only ones who were fascinated with cats. The Druids believed that certain Cats, particularly Black Cats, were reborn people who were forced to live as a Cat to atone for their former wrongdoings. The Romans connected the Cat with Diana, the Moon Goddess.

Cat was the household’s protector. According to Muslim legend, Cat saved Mohammad from a venomous serpent. According to Norse traditions, Tabby Cats have a marking on their forehead that looks like the letter “M.” Freyja, the fertility Goddess, is also said to have a magical chariot driven by cats.

Italians were the first to domesticate cats. Cats spread over Europe from there. They also endured the lengthy voyage to join the Pilgrims in the New World.

Cats were also moving out from the Egyptian core into Turkey, Iran, India, and finally, the Far East, most likely owing to trade routes. Cat had found its way into many notable residences by the 18th century, whether a palace or a farmstead.

Domestic cats share certain characteristics with their wild counterparts. Intense eyes, svelte physique, and meticulous grooming are just a few examples. Cats of all sizes are ready to leap into a full-fledged sprint on the spur of the moment.

There are approximately 40 purebred Cat breeds now available, but in our household, the basic non-pedigree felines (dubbed Moggies) win the day (and our hearts).

Curiosity, cleverness, mysteriousness, magical, sensitivity, independence, spontaneous, playful, attention, talent, and resourcefulness are just a few of the Cat Spirit’s key symbols and connotations.

Animal Spirit Cat

The Cat Spirit Animal is very picky about who it helps, so take its appearance as a compliment. When you feel like your timing is all awry, and your tolerance is becoming thin, Cat Spirit may appear.

Cat assists you in honing your confidence and ensuring the appropriate moment so you may choose dependable solutions that perfectly place you. One of Cat’s greatest talents is teaching you when to act and wait.

When you are confronted with a job that you believe you will not do, the Cat Spirit Animal will come. “Don’t be a scaredy Cat!” says Cat. Your Spirit Animal is adaptive and resourceful. It’s sometimes necessary to mix things up and break free of old habits. Change your mindset, and you’ll see a difference in your results.

Cat Spirit comes to your help when you need to get away from individuals or events in your life. “You’re too near for a proper view,” says your Animal Ally. Pause, consider, and pay attention to your gut impulses.”

Cat Spirit Animal is also about balance. Work and recreation, motion and repose, are all opposites in life. If you’ve been working too hard, it’s time to get your hands on a feather toy and frolic around. Find that sun pool, relax, and take a much-needed Cat-nap if you never stop moving.

Animal Totem Cat

Those born with the Cat Totem Animal are night owls. When the darkness falls, they become energized and curious. A Cat Totem holder will go on figurative walkabouts with no specific goal. It’s all about going on a stroll, getting lost in the night, and creating your particular magic.

If this is your Birth Totem, you are a daring explorer who enjoys exploring your area. You’re naturally nimble and can land on your feet in apparently impossible circumstances, and you approach life with the fury of a Lion trapped within a Cat’s body.

Your perceptions of life are unique because you like looking out all the angles and touching things with your delicate whiskers. You will never be owned by anybody. The goal is to achieve independence. Sure, you enjoy a nice scratch, a cuddle, and a warm lap regularly, but you do when you want to do anything properly.

Your longing for independence necessitates frequent breaks from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The pandemonium becomes overpowering when you are a social Cool Cat. Your movements make you a fascinating enigma to people in your orbit, which you like. You don’t want to be tethered to anything. Cat Spirit’s motto is uniqueness.

The Cat Birth Totem generally foreshadows an unpredictable existence full of mischief, danger, and a dash of crazy. However, you will always have those nine lives. Just be cautious about how you use them.

Cat Totem needs a lot of sleep. You like your naps and despise being awakened at an inconvenient hour. If you’re a friend of someone who has this Birth Totem, wait until they tell you when and how to rouse the sleeping Cat.

Cats are powerful animals.

When suffering from insomnia or other sleep issues, turn to Cat as a Power Animal for help. Consider the phrase catnapping and see why the Cat is the ideal sleeping companion as a Power Animal.

Because cats are versatile, they are excellent animals, Ally, when you face change and resist it. When you desire the same versatility of movement and decision-making as Cat, invoke Cat. The Cat seems to assist you in determining when it is appropriate to pounce while also demonstrating how to do it while staying balanced.

Cat comes at a supportive Al-ly in pursuit of better independence if you are in a codependent relationship or rely too much on others. Cat urges you to rid yourself of whatever impedes your emotional liberty when you need a confidence boost on your mission.

Petition Cat for assistance if you’re interested in esoteric studies. The creature has links to all things enigmatic, and it can teach you how to smell out secrets and buried mysteries thanks to its sharp senses.

Symbolic Meanings of the Native American Cat

Domesticated cats arrived in Native American civilization later than horses, about the same time as horses. Several cultures probably maintained them as helpful, low-maintenance pets. Comanches would park their Cat on their shoulder while traveling and then continue.

Certain Native Americans feared cats. The Cat was ostracized by the Oglala, who believed he had powerful medicine and could cast curses on humans. Nonetheless, Cats were associated with independence, guardian energy, Eros, the occult, and mystery among the tribes.

Cat or Wildcat became associated with a nasty male who was contemptuous to women to certain Native peoples, such as the Hopi. As a result, Cat has a negative connotation among certain Native Americans.

Cats have also been associated with greed and avarice in folklore. People of the Mohave and Zuni tribes had a more positive relationship with Cat, relying on it as a Spirit Animal to aid them on hunting trips and perceiving the Cat as a healer.

Although Cat has been associated with evildoing and harmful magic for many generations, Cat is now widely regarded as an independent and intelligent animal companion, and there is less of a deep-seated bias against Cats than there was previously in history when Cat was associated with evildoing and harmful magic.

Podunk, a Black Cat, connected with witchcraft and terrible magic, is mentioned in certain folk legends. Cat is associated with the cardinal direction South and the color red by several cultures.

The Pawnee people have a more respectful attitude toward cats, seeing them as being linked to their departed ancestors and the stars. Wildcat fur was used as a protective clothing by certain cultures.

The symbolism of Cats in Christianity

In the Bible, what do cats represent?

In this example, the Cat is often connected with evil and witchcraft in Christianity as sorcery is synonymous with negative magic, rather than the correct word “witchcraft” to relate to particular cultural or theological beliefs.

Cats are feared and depicted unfavorably throughout Christian history, owing to their hunting abilities and crafty, predatory nature. Cats are also connected with feminine energy, and the connection between Cats and female healers or witches adds to Cat’s negative rep in Christian history.

Cats and other animals were less popular in Christian art and iconography throughout the Renaissance, except for Ghirlandaio’s representation of a Cat at the Last Supper in a painting.

Perhaps the Cat Spirit Animal represented deception or cunning during the Last Supper, before Jesus was betrayed, as an incarnation of the hunt or predator. The Cat might have been added as a more ordinary depiction of Christ’s relationship with lions since a Lion at the dinner table would be out of place.

Though many Christian practitioners throughout history have fallen in love with Cats and shared their homes and lives with these intelligent and intuitive animals, the link between Cats and trickery, deception, witchcraft, and bad luck is a chapter in Christian Europe’s history that cannot be easily forgotten.

According to some researchers, the widespread breakout of the Bubonic Plague was caused by a decline in the Cat population due to superstitious beliefs about Black Cats, then all cats, and witches.

As the hunt of witches swept throughout Europe, popular fear grew, and Cats were targeted in many areas.

The Bubonic Plague was assisted spread by a decline in cats, which used to keep the rodent population in control. So it’s possible that attempting to eradicate cats from your town is considerably more unfortunate than taking a risk on seeing a Black Cat.

Cats are aloof, self-sufficient, and cunning. They may be amusing, but they also have distinct personalities.

It is more frequent to discover references to gentle Lambs or loyal Dogs when looking at the animals that traditionally symbolize Christ and Christianity. This isn’t to say that Cat doesn’t have a place in Christian mythology.

If we look at Cat’s wild relatives, we can see that the Lion plays a significant part in Christianity and is often considered a metaphor for Jesus Christ.

The symbolism of the Celtic Cat

What do cats represent in Celtic mythology and culture?

In Celtic mythology, the Cat has a significant position. Tales of a Cat Sidhe, or a ghost-like Black Cat with white markings on their breast, roaming the Scottish highlands, snatching people’s souls, are recounted.

According to some legends, this Cat may transform into a Fairy or even a witch. In different stories from Celtic legend, associations between Cat Spirit Animal meaning and both magic, deception, evil, and spiritual progress abound.

The eyes of a cat are stunning and enthralling. Cat’s eyes may have a spiritual significance that includes protection, sorcery, and witchcraft.

We can understand how a Cat’s eyes reflecting light in the dark so that they nearly seem to shine would enchant ancient humans. This may have been mysterious and perhaps frightening.

Nuad, one of the Gods of the Tuatha de Danaan, or the first inhabitants of Ireland, was supposed to have lost an eye and replaced it with that of his beloved Cat.

ShapeshiftingShapeshifting Cats that transform into human bards, warriors, and sorcerers are described in legends. Demons, for example, were thought to be able to assume the appearance of a variety of animals, including weasels and cats.

Depending on the tale, Cat’s spiritual connotation might relate to mystical power, sorcery, Divine Feminine strength, knowledge and insight, and evil or the spirits of the departed.

The significance of the Cat in Celtic legend is further connected to magic and sorcery in stories about a Welsh enchantress whose Cat minions come to Earth to do her bidding.

Cerridwen, a Goddess of knowledge and power, is linked to Cat Spirit in Celtic mythology. If the Goddess wishes, cats may deliver messages from Her. The Goddess Freyja, who rules over sexuality, money, and all things lovely, is also a Norse deity. Two Cats are her buddies.

According to local folklore, Cat Spirit can protect your cows from disease if you set out a saucer of milk near them. According to legend, one of Arthur’s slaves, Gogyfwlch, had Cat eyes. Cats can shapeshift and wander the Earth after they have died. Druid priestesses have been known to keep cats and enlist their help in magic.

Folklore and Mythology about Cats

In folklore, what do cats represent?

The Cat Spirit’s function in Celtic Tradition is the Cat’s Meow! The Cat represents the otherworld, which remains a mystery to the living. They keep an eye on the entrances and the secrets behind them.

You may confide in them if you know a Cat since they keep their secrets close to their breast. They will see this as a holy mission and zealously preserve it until you tell them differently. Just remember to relieve them of their responsibilities when no longer required.

Shenanigans, comedy, and mischief are all favorites among cat owners. You flirt a little, but you always follow your heart. You could have a natural aptitude for Fey energies and deal with them.

Above all, Cat is trustworthy. You’ll never have to second-guess someone’s response. Their friendship is formed via their words.

Poland has a legend about how the Pussy Willow came to be. A mother Cat sat in misery on a riverside. She knew she wouldn’t be able to save all of her kittens if they fell into the river. The reeds on the bank were moved by her plight and responded with sympathy.

They knelt over the pond and let the kittens climb their leaves, carefully returning them to their mother. The reeds have grown fluffy blossoms on their stalks ever since as a memory of that sweet generosity.

In Norwegian folklore, there is a fairy-blooded Forest Cat. No one knows for sure whether he’s a goblin in disguise. If you look into this Cat’s eyes long enough, you can see glimpses of other worlds, kingdoms, and mystical creatures.

Siamese cats were said to have been hairless until one of the Gods scooped them up in awe. As a consequence, Siamese Cats’ necks feature shadow-like patches. Birman Cats were similarly plain until they came into contact with the skin of a holy man, which transformed their fur into gold and their feet into pure white.

A princess was blessed by Cats, according to British legend. She was sad, believing they were both doomed after being captured by Rumpelstiltskin and needing to weave 10,000 skeins of white to free her love from his curse.

Her three home cats agreed to help her attain her goal by spinning for her. The purr of a cat is considered an old relic of the hum of a spinning wheel.

Tortoiseshell Cats are considered lucky in Japan, whereas Russians like blue. In Canada, three-colored cats are considered lucky. Cats are rain-makers in Indonesia. Pouring water on a cat’s back will cause a storm to erupt (and a bit of wrath from the Cat, we imagine).

The Chinese think cats with light-colored hair attract silver, whereas cats with dark-colored fur attract gold, while Buddhists believe cats with light-colored fur attract silver.

Dreams of a Cat

Cats in your dreams might suggest a yearning to connect with your Feminine side or reconnect with your sensual side. When Cats appear in your dreams, it’s a reminder to awaken your inner kid so you may get more fun out of life; it’s time to strike that all-important work-play balance!

Cats are very sensitive animals that depend on their instincts; thus, seeing one in a dream might signal to pay attention to your gut impulses. This will assist you in avoiding possible issues in your waking life.

Cats have a strong connection to the Spirit World; therefore, seeing one in your dreams might mean you’re about to get a message from an Ancestor Spirit, Teacher, Master, Angel, or Guardian.

If you dream about a cat nibbling you, it means you have neglected something vital. If the Cat weeps, it’s a sign of impending doom. You have a hidden admirer if you have a cat following you.

The color of the Cat you see in your dreams might reveal more about its symbolism and significance. Orange Cats, for example, indicate extreme change or even fertility, so be ready to stand up and be receptive to change.

Grey cats signify harmony, peace, stability, and love in your dreams. White cats represent your psychic self. Your abilities are developing. Take care of them.

Read’s Dreaming of Cats: In-depth Cat Dream Meaning & Symbolism to learn more about Cat Spirit!

Astrology and Zodiac Signs of the Cat

Cats are one of the Celtic Animal Zodiac Signs. The Cat would be your zodiac sign if you were born between January 21 and February 17. This, according to the Celts, suggests you are intelligent, attractive, and often perplexing. You like things that are a bit off-kilter because you know how to land on your feet.

The Cat is a sign of independence with a tinge of obstinacy. You’re looking for love and devotion on your terms. When you’re finished or feel uncomfortable, you just go on.

Cats born under this sign are highly lively and a little bit of a renegade. You like surprises because you are difficult to mislead.

Those born under the Celtic Sign of the Cat have a keen sense of intuition, and their accuracy either astounds or frightens others. Your talent is partly based on ordinary observation, but the rest is supernatural. In every manner, you’re tuned into magic.

While the Rabbit is the fourth zodiac sign in Chinese Astrology, the Cat is the fourth zodiac symbol in Vietnamese Astrology and the Gurung Zodiac.

The Cat is The Flexible One in the Vietnamese system and is related to persons born in 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, and 2011. Those born under this sign are outgoing, friendly, nostalgic, and secretive.

Symbolic Meanings of the Far Eastern Cat

Cats often appear in Far Eastern mythology, including Goddesses such as Li Shou, who took on a cat’s appearance. Cats were a part of the Creation and may have formerly been able to communicate with humans.

The Gods once wanted Cats to rule the world, but they politely declined, preferring to enjoy life merely. Thus, the duty went to humans.

Statues of the Beckoning Cat, or Maneki-Neko, may be seen at doors of houses, temples, and businesses in both China and Japan. It stands for joy, peace, prosperity, and good fortune.

Finally, documents held in pagodas were guarded by cats in early Japan. Nobles could only own them.

The White Cat is also connected with wealth and good fortune. In this tradition, black cats are not a terrible omen but a protective symbol hiding evil or keeping negative energy at bay.

The image of a Golden Cat is associated with riches and fortune in Chinese art and culture, while the image of a Red Cat is associated with good health. The image of a Yellow Cat is said to aid in the improvement of relationships.

Cats were also historically employed in China to deter rats and protect the manufacturing of silk, which was a major industry in the area.

Meaning of Cat Tattoo

The significance of Cat tattoos varies based on the goals of the wearer. A Cat tattoo might proclaim “Cat lover” or honor a cherished companion animal Cat who has moved on to the other side.

Body art may also be used to transmit the Cat’s spiritual message. Bast, the Egyptian Cat Goddess, might be represented with a cat tattoo. When someone gets a Cat tattoo, they may be connecting with their mystical side and expressing their intuitive energy.

A person with a Cat tattoo might use it to remind themselves of their capacity to follow their desires invisibly and to chase their aspirations and ambitions.

Spiritual meanings of cats include the afterlife, witchcraft, and sorcery. A Cat tattooed person may have suffered numerous losses and has a deep connection to the afterlife and spiritual dimension.

Spiritual Meaning of Cats

The spiritual significance of cats is best understood via the prism of what sets them apart from other animals. The spiritual significance of Cats is related to the meaning of Cats in pop culture and folklore of a specific civilization.

Affectionate yet self-reliant. Cats may be tamed as companion animals, but they make it plain that you are not their owner. Predatory and caring, cats may be domesticated as companion animals, but they make it known that you are not their owner.

Cat transmits the same spiritual force. Cat demonstrates that you may be dedicated and loving while maintaining your independence. Because cats are so similar to humans, they are connected with shapeshifting and magic.

It’s easy to understand Cat’s spiritual significance stemming from the legend that Cat was a person who turned into a four-legged beast to keep a watch on others or cause mischief.

Their gaze is smart and knowledgeable. Cat is perceptive and wise. They exemplify all of the characteristics that we humans take pleasure in. The spiritual significance of cats is linked to the afterlife and other places.

This might be due to Cat’s associations with deities like Bast and their nocturnal proclivities. Cats are content to stalk the night for prey under a Full Moon. What could be more witchy than that?

A Cat’s lifestyle and greatest qualities are evocative of someone who likes gazing at the Moon, who is patient, sly, and clever, and who adores the secrets of the night.

Cat’s spiritual connotation may be linked to an individual’s investigation of the heavenly and spiritual worlds due to the Cat’s protective and territorial characteristics. When we enter ceremonial or ritual space, we must construct protection and boundaries to safeguard ourselves psychically from any energy we don’t want to interact with.

This is comparable to how a Cat will defend their area and make it apparent when they do so or do not want others to disturb. This similar level of care is crucial in psychic work. As a result, cat symbolism may be linked to psychic growth and our interactions with extraterrestrials.

Those who believe in Lilith’s legends think she can shift into a cat and take newborns’ breaths. Even in more favorable Lilith traditions, the Cat symbolism and meaning might refer to this first woman’s autonomous and mysterious character.

Cats have become associated with the afterlife, including the resurrection of the dead and the capture of souls from the recently deceased. As a result, seeing a cat for some people indicates the presence of their ancestors in Spirit, while for others, seeing a cat is an omen that must be avoided to protect the dead.

Cat has a long history of being associated with witchcraft, magic, and sorcery. The Cat may guide you when you wish to explore your magical or intuitive side and your connection to the Moon or divine feminine.

Symbolic Meanings of Cats

  • Attentiveness
  • Clever
  • Curiosity
  • Dexterity
  • Independent
  • Magical
  • Mysterious
  • Playful
  • Sensitive
  • Spontaneous

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