Dragon Symbolism & Meaning

Do you want to bring your karma into balance? Do you desire to serve people, or are you inclined to the healing arts? As a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, the Dragon may assist!

Dragon teaches you how to be responsible for your spirit and live an honorable life. Explore the symbolism and significance of the Dragon to see how this animal spirit guide may inspire, encourage, and educate you.

Symbolism and Meaning of Dragons

Dragon is the eldest and most powerful of the animal spirit guardians. The Emperor’s power (who was the appointed dreamer for the whole country for a long period in history) is central to the Dragon’s symbolism and significance in the Far East.

Dragon is the ruler of the elements in this and many other settings, and he may assume whatever shape he wants. Dragon’s shape-shifting powers are similar to a Shaman’s mastery of the Elements, the capacity to change into numerous Animals, and the ability to enter Dreamtime on a metaphysical level.

Dragon denotes prosperity, authority, growth, luck, and progress in Feng Shui. In Europe, these fearsome Beings represent the power to rise above adversity and perceive things.

The primal natural forces on all levels of existence, longevity, and the oldest of magicks, some of which have been lost to time, are represented by dragons in their symbolism and significance. The never-ending fights between knights and dragons depict humanity’s quest to understand spiritual or ethereal existence.

Dragons inspire a sense of awe and wonder, and these feelings may also extend to the Greater Mysteries. Consider that the Loch Ness Monster is a water Dragon who protects the lochs in principle.

Local legends also claim that a giant air Dragon resides underneath the Hebrides and visits the area on special days to examine the standing stones. Those who see this monster are said to be Dragonkin. In this way, Dragon energy is linked to that of healing and power stones and the domain of the Ancestor.

Animal Spirit of the Dragon

Dragon Spirit is attracted to smart, dignified, enthusiastic, and in charge of people. Dragons help such people achieve brilliance and, ultimately, enlightenment. Your Dragon Spirit Animal will teach you to roar in this environment, allowing you to discover your voice, be heard, and genuinely understand.

Dragon is a rare and strong Spirit Animal, and you may be frightened by it upon first meeting it. Dragon is deserving of your respect and admiration, but She comes to you for a reason. However, determining that purpose might be challenging.

It’s part of the difficulty for Dragon Spirits to keep their secrets hidden. The more work you put in, the better the benefits will be.

The sort of Dragon spirit you meet may provide some insight:

Fire Dragons – teach you about self-mastery, creativity, mental acuity, alchemy, and leadership.

Water Dragons concentrate on what propels your life’s ship; be ready to let go of bad habits and set sail on your destiny.

Earth Dragons – gives the key to maintaining your requirements by stabilizing and providing the key to sustaining your demands.

Air Dragons: They hold you safely in their hands and fly high. You acquire stronger personal and global insights from here, free of the winds of change.

Wood and metal are important materials in Asian civilizations.

In contemporary gameplay, “elements” like ice, lightning, and speed are referred to as “types” and assigned to Dragons.

Dragons signify the Devil, as they do in the stories of St. George and St. Margaret of Antioch (both Dragon Slayers). Spirit Animals always show up with your highest and greatest interests in heart.

Sometimes, for the greatest and best benefit, you must confront and slay the Dragon inside yourself (addiction in any form, violence or rage issues, confidence and self-worth challenges, etc.).

The Dragon Spirit Animal may also appear when it is time to confront and slay a Devil who is causing damage to you and your loved ones, community, hearth, home, pets, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE – To be very clear, the word slay is a metaphor. It does not mean to hurt someone physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Totem Animal Dragon

The Dragon is a formidable Totem Animal for those who have it as their Totem Animal. This isn’t to suggest that people should be fearful of others or be afraid of themselves.

Fierceness as energy may be beneficial. True, fierce may also be quite harmful. Hopefully, you’ll only utilize the Dragon who dwells within you to think, speak, and act in ways that benefit everyone.

Remember that dragons are linked to the elements in both contemporary and ancient mythology. Earth, air, fire, water, and spirit are the five fundamental elements (aether or ether).

All Totem Animals now ‘belong’ to one of the elements. Bears to the Earth, Eagles to the Air, Lions to the Fire, etc. When something as massive and invincible as a Dragon is combined with an element, it’s P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L. Before choosing a Dragon as your Animal Totem, make sure you know what sort of Dragon you have.

Regardless of whatever Dragon-type you are, the following personality traits and qualities are shared by all Dragons:

  • Fearless.
  • Passionate.
  • Extremely loyal.
  • A person who is prone to anger disorders.
  • Change does not scare me.
  • Excellent sense of humor.
  • Quickly think talk, and act.
  • Old souls are wiser than their years.
  • Don’t be hesitant to voice your mind.
  • Desires to triumph above all obstacles.

It’s easy to let your ego take control when your Totem Animal is a Dragon. Who doesn’t want to be the largest and worst of them all? However, if you choose Dragon as your Animal Totem, proceed with care. Do not utilize this aspect of yourself unless you have a good reason.

The Dragon is a legendary totem. So please keep it for the big issues or aspirations that feel unattainable otherwise. Dragon is grateful to people who do not waste his energy.

Anyone dealing with Dragon totems must understand as much as they can about these Beings. The more you know about your totem and its governing element, the more you’ll be able to grasp its messages.

Furthermore, if you have the chance to meditate with the sculpture in a cave – this is a fabled resting place for Dragons. It’s a terrific method to get in touch. If your totem discusses the finer aspects of a concept with you, don’t be shocked — it’s a means of giving you more clarity.

Animals with Dragon Power

Holding Dragon medicine as your Power Animal is like having a key to the supernatural and genuine magick’s world. However, understanding how to utilize that key efficiently will take some time.

All Dragon spirits have alchemical abilities, which means they want to transform you into gold spiritually. This is a wonderful gift, and you should embrace it gratefully and with humility.

Invoking Dragon as your Power Animal places you in a position of much greater Karmic responsibility. When you labor for the greater good, Dragon will defend you but woe to those who want power for its own sake. This is a fantastic method to lose your Power Animal while scorched by the Dragon’s wrath.

Dragon medicine and energy are highly beneficial to people aspiring to be healers and doctors, notably in acupuncture.

Symbolic Meanings of the Native American Dragon

Traditional Native American mythology includes Serpents / Snakes, but not Dragons. Because Dragon myth and legend are intimately linked to Snakes, learning about Snake Symbolism and Meaning will help you better comprehend Dragon as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal.

Celtic Animal Symbol: Dragon

Dragon symbolism is prevalent in Celtic mythology, linked to all four elements and cardinal directions. Dragons symbolized life, the psychic self, old knowledge, and the force of creation itself to the Druids. In Celtic and Druid mythology, dragons are often depicted as guardians of hidden and holy portals to other worlds.

The presence of a Red Dragon on the Welsh flag is unsurprising. ‘The Red Dragon guides us,’ the phrase roughly translates. Unlike many European legends, Dragons have strong, kind instincts, damaging only when evil rears its ugly head.

What we call Ley Lines are known as Dragon Lines in Celtic countries. This connects Dragon Spirit to Geomancy and the powers that bind all things on Earth. Stonehenge is supposed to have formerly served as a resting place for wandering Dragons. Doesn’t that give “ley of the land” a whole new meaning?

Dragon is an Anglo-Saxon word that means “clear seer.” This suggests that the Celts regarded the Dragons as actual seers and prophets with tremendous insight. Seeing a dragon was thought to be a sign of good health and a bountiful crop. Even today, the Dragon is revered as a protector of Mother Earth, on par with the Gods.

Dreams of a Dragon

Dreaming of a Dragon in a Treasure Cave signifies your most prized possessions and whatever you keep hidden from others. Dragons may also mean creation, power, sexuality, transcendence, and primordial powers that must be regulated and cared for.

Go to my Animal Dream Dictionary to discover more about particular Dragon dream Symbols (be sure to read about Snake Dreams since they are so closely tied to Dragon symbolism and meaning).

Zodiac Signs and the Dragon in Astrology

The Chinese Zodiac has 12 animals that rule this astrological system. Dragon is one of them. Even if Dragon is not your Chinese Zodiac Sign, learning about its personality, qualities, and attributes is crucial.

You’ll be better equipped to grasp and integrate Dragon’s lessons and medicine if you understand its teachings and energies. You may discover everything about the Chinese Zodiac Dragon on my sister site, BuildingBeautifulSouls.com.

Symbolic Meanings of Dragons

  • Speaking the Truths Psychic Ability
  • Magical Abilities that are Fearless and Passionate
  • Adaptable Ancient Wisdom in the Face of Radical Change
  • Rage 
  • Nobility
  • Worthy Contributes to a Sense of Humor

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