Dream About Possessed Child

In your dreams, you show that you need more self-control and direction in your own life. You’re enjoying the high life. Even if you don’t like something, it’s for your own benefit.

This dream indicates a warning about a personality trait or something you need to let go of. When it comes to a relationship or a problem, you’re taking your time.

Possessed Child displays your apprehensions about losing something valuable to you. You need to be more aggressive and powerful in your communication. You need to cleanse your thoughts and let go of some of the negative feelings that have been holding you down. Your dream is a foreshadowing of how you will react to aggressive behavior. You’re suppressing your feelings.

Dreaming of Possession and Having a Child Possess in a dream represents apprehension about learning the whole truth about a person or circumstance. You’re in touch with your conscious or instinctual self. You might be expressing some anxiety or confusion regarding a current circumstance in your life. Your dream reveals how you see things on a surface level. You’re on your way to self-realization.

Possess is a sign of vengeful or bitter thoughts against the opposite gender in this dream. Perhaps you should reconsider the lofty objectives or expectations you’ve set for yourself. Maybe you’re thinking about someone who is terminally sick or dying. The dream provides a message about how you are navigating some aspect of your life. You’re attempting to reclaim your childhood innocence in some manner.

In a dream, a child refers to your fears about your role or place in a situation. In order to achieve your objectives, you must begin moving and become more active. You must exercise restraint. This dream is a foreshadowing of a goal or accomplishment that has been achieved. You’re admitting a hitherto unspoken piece of oneself.

A dream girlfriend possessed shows how unique you are. You have a bad feeling about something. You have a disagreement with someone. Your dream foreshadows your desire to be protected and shielded. You have to be more upbeat.

Dreaming about both “Possess” and “Child” is a red flag for lack of social skills or independence. You’re pushing yourself to confront your irrational feelings. The painful period will eventually come to an end. Unfortunately, this dream foreshadows a time of cleansing and purification. You have the impression that you don’t have enough privacy.

Dreams about possession of others are a metaphor for life’s rhythm. You’re in a happy place in your life and maybe looking for spiritual guidance. You must strike a balance between all of your everyday obligations. Your dream is a sign that your activities have been approved and validated. You have control over your emotions and are surrounded by people who care about you.


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