Dream About Statue Of Virgin Mary

A dream about the Virgin Mary Statue is a symbol of someone important in your life. You’re awaiting some major news or event. You may learn something from your pals or others. Your dream implies that you are ready to face any problem front-on. Perhaps you’d want everything to be presented on a silver platter.

A dream about a statue is a message for your intuition. You’re searching for something to fill in the gaps in your life. In some parts of your life, you feel confined or constrained. A shattered relationship or lost connection is the subject of the dream. You’ve lost contact with a part of yourself.

Your choice to pursue a virgin fantasy is hasty. You’re reverting to an infantile state. You’re patting yourself on the back and worthy of a prize for your efforts. This dream is a warning to run or withdraw from a dangerous situation. Perhaps you made a mistake by prejudging someone based on their appearance.

In this dream, Mary represents the carefree days of youth when you didn’t have to worry about reaching your ambitions. In such situations, you must defend yourself. You like going against the grain of popular opinion. The dream is a message to you about the nurturing side of your personality. Something may seem to be alright on the surface, but upon closer inspection, you will discover that it is not.

Dreaming about Virgin Mary and Statue You are thinking of getting anxiety medicine, as indicated by the statue and virgin. You’re rethinking your life choices. You must value your positive attributes. This dream represents a foreshadowing of hidden characteristics of your behavior. You’re doing something unhelpful.

Mary and the Statue are about your self-esteem and confidence. You still have an emotional attachment to your ex. You’ve crossed the line into someone else’s territory. Your dream foreshadows a major life shift or a critical problem. You are self-sufficient.

Dreaming about Virgin Mary foretells something just beyond of reach. You’re going through a process of metamorphosis and individuation. You’re feeling out of control and overwhelmed. Your dream represents the breadth of your feelings. You have the ability to confidently go from one circumstance to the next.
Dreaming about Virgin Mary’s Statue represents spiritual contact. You have a hard time appreciating the finer things in life. You have the power to pause at any time to think about your next course of action. This dream foreshadows an emotional turning point. Your emotions and desires are within your control.

A dream involving a statue of the Virgin Mary might be a foreshadowing of unresolved guilt that you are silently punishing yourself for. You still haven’t let go. You are not allowing your previous or present challenges to deter you from pursuing your goals. Your dream is an imitation warning. You’re eager to try something new, especially in a special relationship.

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