Hummingbird Symbolism & Meaning

Is it about time you took some time for yourself? Isn’t it time you looked at the world differently? As a Spirit, a Totem, and a Power Animal, Hummingbird can help! Hummingbird shows you how to be grateful for all the good things in your life and open your heart and mind.

Explore the meaning and symbolism of the Hummingbird to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can help you feel inspired, excited, and alive.

Humm, humm, humm with your heart so much that your Spirit soars: That is the song and message of the Hummingbird.

The Hummingbird is the smallest bird. Its wings beat about 70 times per second so that this little wonder can go 30 miles per hour in the slow lane of an interstate. So it makes sense that Hummingbird Spirit is connected to speed.

Hummingbirds can stop right away, even when driving at a full speed of 60 mph. They can also fly up, down, backward, and forward, and when they hover, their beautiful wings signify infinity.

Keeping this in mind, Hummingbird may mean that we can Keep on, keepin’ on even when it seems impossible. Also, the figure-eight pattern while hovering sends a message that you shouldn’t stay in one place and time for too long. Instead, it would be best to learn from your mistakes and then look to the future.

The way Hummingbird hovers send a strong message about living in the moment and enjoying the sweetness of life. Many Shamans thought the healing powers of the herbs and flowers that hummingbirds ate were passed on to the birds. Those who have Hummingbird medicine bring love, joy, and a little magic on their wings.

The vibrations of a hummingbird’s wings are filled with happy energy. When the Hummingbird spirit flies close to you, it’s hard to be sad or worried. The rainbow colors of a hummingbird’s feathers add to this message and stand for new hope.

Researchers say that hummingbirds are brilliant. Their minds remember every flower they eat, knowing how long it will be until they can eat again. In this case, you could ask, What are you spiritually eating? What needs to be remembered?

Sometimes we’re so hungry on the inside that we use up all of our resources. Hummingbird stops that from happening.

Overall, the Hummingbird as a spirit animal means being flexible (being able to accept and work with change), being happy, and having a light heart.

Other things that these Lightworkers have in common are staying in the present, being free, bringing back happiness and hope, having a light spirit, being quick to respond, getting rid of sadness, never giving up, and having strength.

Even though our spirit guide is small, the Hummingbird can travel far without stopping. The Hummingbird in the Medicine Cards stands for happiness.

Hummingbird Spirit Animal

When the Hummingbird spirit starts to talk to you, she tells you to enjoy the sweet, simple things in life. You need to take time for yourself and do things that make you happy. As the Hummingbird guides you, your feelings start to grow.

Enjoy the nectar of your family garden and celebrate it with abandon. If you’ve closed your heart because of something, Hummingbird says it’s time to open it up again.

Hummingbird Medicine uniquely helps us to reach our goals and dreams. People often put their unique goals on hold when other things come up.

The message of Hummingbird is that it’s never too late to follow your dreams and look for ways to change your life. So much is possible for you! Hummingbird can help you get in.

Hummingbird Totem Animal

People born with a Hummingbird totem are happy and grateful about life. They are amazed by even the most minor things. They live each moment to the fullest and are ready to change when new, exciting ideas come up.

When the Hummingbird is your Totem animal, you have to be able to change quickly. You know how to make the best of almost any situation and have a natural ability to sense when someone is sad.

The Hummingbird in you wants to see the best in everyone and searches hard to find that one gem to focus on. This is a blessing, but people may take advantage of that desire, using your energy on a “flower” that won’t bloom for anyone.

People who live like hummingbirds value freedom and a laid-back approach to life.

Animal with Power: Hummingbird

Call on the Hummingbird spirit when you need to get through a situation quickly and easily. Don’t worry about side roads. With Hummingbird by your side, these things happen often.

As a Power Animal, the Hummingbird also allows you to change. Don’t be so set in your ways of thinking that you miss something that’s just a little bit different.

As you get to know this spirit animal, you will find that you are more in touch with your feelings. This may seem like moodiness to some, but it’s just part of how well this animal can adapt. You’ll be ready for things to change.

What Does the Native American Hummingbird Mean?

Native Americans have many different ideas about what hummingbirds mean, from tobacco to the sun, depending on the tribe. People see them as healers and bringers of rain and wind. They are also often thought to have ties to the past.

The Mayans believed of the Bird as having solar energies or like the male sun as it tries to win over the female Moon. Some myths say that Hummingbirds were made from the feathers of other birds.

The Mayans also thought that the Hummingbird’s sharp beak could make a hole in the mouth of a king big enough to draw blood. They put that divine blood on sacred scrolls and then burned them so messages from the king’s ancestors could rise from the smoke.

The Chayma Tribe had a similar idea. They thought hummingbirds were their dead ancestors, so they took excellent care of them.

The Pueblo tribes also think of the Hummingbird as a sign of rain, and they use the Bird’s feathers in ceremonies to make it rain. Shamans in the tribe used birds as messengers to bring gifts or offerings to the Earth Mother, who lived underground.

The Pueblos associate the Bird with tobacco, and if a baby dies in the tribe, prayer sticks made from hummingbird feathers are said to speed up the child’s return and rebirth.

The Mojave Tribe has a story where Noah sends out a dove to find dry land. This story is similar to the Bible story of Noah and the Flood.

In the story, the Hummingbird is sent into the darkness of the beginning to find a light at a time when people lived underground. The Little Bird found a way to get to the sun and the world above ground.

In a similar story, the Navajo Indians say that the worldly explorer, the Hummingbird, was sent into the sky to see if there was anything else. When it returned, it said there was nothing but a big blue sky.

Dreams of a Hummingbird

A Hummingbird in your night vision means that some of your ideas have great potential. The Bird stands for freedom and independence because it can fly in any direction. When you dream about a hummingbird, it may mean that you must stop what you’re doing for a while and change your plans.

The Hummingbird’s graceful flight is a sign of good luck. It means a smooth relationship change and the ability to adapt to new situations.

If you aren’t married yet, Hummingbird says you will meet a successful person in the future. The birds in flight stand for luck and money.

They also mean that you must bring more joy and celebration into your everyday life. Flying hummingbirds can also mean that your ideas are taking off or that your thoughts seem all over the place.

If you notice that the Hummingbird flies in a figure-eight pattern, your dream tells you that you need to connect with Spirit or get back in touch. Also, it makes you think about your spiritual path.

Hummingbird Key to Awakening: Symbolic Meanings

  • Fortitude
  • Freedom
  • Gratitude
  • Hope
  • Joy
  • Memory
  • Presence
  • Responsiveness
  • Tireless

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