Native American Zodiac & Astrology

What is the learning that your soul is expected to take away from this journey around the Medicine Wheel? What do you want your soul to contribute to Mother Earth and all of her children? To discover out, click on your birth totem (below). Also, scroll down or click to read more about Native American Astrology and Zodiac Signs.


The Bear birth totem is linked to the element of Earth and the cardinal direction of the West. Even among women, those born with this totem exhibit male features. Bear gains inner strength due to this, which is tempered by honesty, acceptance, and sincerity.

You are naturally interested in whether the Bear is your Native American birth totem. The more complicated the problem is, the more interested you get in it. When a mystery is solved, the next step is to share the knowledge; however, such a gift should be given with prudence. You don’t want to ruin someone else’s surprise or enlightenment.

Bears are practical and modest. You like taking it easy and accumulating data for later use. Bear is an extremely physical person who reacts intensely to sensory input. Understanding that there is more to this world than what we see on a physical level is one of the Bear totem’s problems. Your spiritual self isn’t readily filed away in your mind’s neat filing cabinet.

If you’re the Bear, you value your own space above everything else. That cave is both safe and inviting. It’s a secure haven where you may explore every facet of your inner self. You go to that special spot for some peaceful rejuvenation.

Bear is not a creature that adapts well to change. What others may dismiss as the same-old, same-old, you find relaxing and reassuring. On the other hand, Bear must learn to deal with transformations if he is to reach his full potential.


The element of Earth and the cardinal direction of East are both associated with the Beaver birth totem. The Beaver totem is associated with anxiety. Beaver is easily distracted when forced to sit quietly for lengthy periods.

You would have inherent tenacity if you were born with the Beaver. There isn’t much that can stop you from completing a job. Even better, Beaver has some very remarkable abilities. These folks can produce amazing beauty and solid foundations.

Beavers are often concerned about their money in the real world. Consequently, they try very hard to ensure their safety and the people they care about. Any leftover funds from these efforts are often donated to causes that make Beaver happy.

A Beaver totem instills in you a feeling of self-assurance. You’re thought of as a homebody who enjoys entertaining. You may show off the ambiance you painstakingly constructed inside this environment. Beaver is the epitome of “hostess with the mostess.”

Beaver may seem calm and cool on the surface, but some serious doubts are lurking under the surface. You can’t get away from them. It’s up to you to figure out how to use what you’ve learned. Beaver must also be careful not to get too focused on his career, losing out on so much of life. Balance and pleasure may be found by including play and relaxation in your dam.


The element of the Deer totem is Earth, and its cardinal orientation is East. Many people like those born with this Totem because they are mysterious and quirky. There isn’t a mean bone in Deer’s body, and they like associating with individuals who share their interests.

If you’re the Deer, you’ve got a lot of charisma. Your sharp intelligence and quick wit make talks lively and interesting. You’re not afraid of public speaking and should look for a job that allows you to use your skills regularly.

Deer individuals are caring and supportive in their interactions. Nonetheless, you have some unease in your heart. Finding a targeted task is the greatest approach to silence that voice. Remember that “putting on” that attention is far simpler than “turning off” it.

Deer is a mediator. You dislike disagreement but will engage in it if you believe you can contribute anything positive to a solution. Deer is ecstatic when he can bring individuals from all walks of life together. Deer despises insecurity and will go to great lengths to restore order.

By the way, you can sneak with the best of them if you were born under the sign of the Deer. It’s simple to win in hiding and seek. However, keep in mind that if people don’t notice you immediately away, you might easily terrify them. Keep that talent for Halloween!


The element of the Falcon totem is Fire, and the cardinal direction is East. Even in the middle of a whirlwind, those born under the sign of the Falcon maintain their composure. Although being a bird, Falcon is well-grounded and capable of making sensible decisions. This is why Falcon often finds oneself in a leadership position, even if unintentionally.

Falcon isn’t frightened of a good-natured competition when it comes to a challenge. Falcon aspires to make the next big discovery, set a world record running, and even go into space. Falcon is driven by a need for adventure that is hard to satiate.

You have acute eyes and senses if this is your Totem. When you make an observation, you almost always get it right down to the last detail. This instills a strong feeling of self-assurance, which some people mistake for egotism. The opposite could not be farther from the truth. You have a rock-solid core of personal truth that seldom sways.

Falcon is a passionate partner in relationships. They will be quite inventive in expressing their love and sexuality. You’ll need a buddy that enjoys flying high and seeing where the winds take them. From this vantage point, you can see the path to fulfillment that you should pursue. Take a prayerful walk.

Getting in touch with your inner world is one of Falcon’s problems. You tend to disregard it, preferring simpler issues where you can see the results of your efforts right away. On the other hand, Falcon needs that deeper connection to comprehend their Medicine.


The element of Air and the cardinal direction of North-Northeast are both represented by the Otter totem. The remainder of the Native American Zodiac is baffled by those born under the sign of the Otter. Otter is unpredictably unpredictable, and he doesn’t feel compelled to act in a certain way. Even if others don’t comprehend Otter’s strategy, this sign is frequently extremely capable of completing things with excellent competence.

You were born with creativity coursing through your veins if this is your sign. You’re wise, insightful, and kind. Even better, Otter’s whole philosophy is based on honesty. Otter is a proven and reliable buddy that will always be there for you.

The Otter’s intellect is curious, especially regarding people’s deeply held views and perspectives. Exploring these ideas is good for your brain. You keep track of everything you learn in neat mental folders and hunt for any reason to share it. As a result, Otter has a habit of taking over talks without realizing it. His zeal carries him away.

The Otter birth totem is playful, and touch is cunning at times. These folks love frolicking and dancing beneath the moonlight, far from the ominous gazes of everyday life. The task is to get Otter to return to reality and refocus. Otter is an extremely charming and affable creature, and many people consider him a buddy.


The element of Fire and the cardinal direction of Northwest control the Owl totem. This birth sign has an enigmatic personality. On the one hand, they have a lot of energy and a highly outgoing personality. On the other hand, they often jump before looking, resulting in the proverbial stew. The good news is that Owl has learned to flex rather than break due to this.

People in the Owl’s life admire her ability to listen. Owl will not interrupt and will attentively consider all they hear. If you ask for my opinion, I will give it straight (all be it sometimes without any cushioning).

You approach life with optimism and hope if this is your birth totem. You value your spiritual Nature and strive to incorporate it into your daily life. Owls must remain loyal to their soul’s mission, which may be difficult in today’s turbulent world.

Owls have good eyesight and prefer to watch rather than communicate. That way, you’ll have your eyes open before entering a scene. Your positive outlook brings out the beauty in even the tiniest details. You are a knOWLedge seeker who never tires of discovering new things.

Owl struggles to maintain his restless spirit. Because there is so much to see and see in life, they aim to cram 100 experiences into one that is genuinely transformative. This is the personal skimming over life’s pages, missing the deeper message that may satisfy their deepest needs.


The element of Air and the cardinal direction of the West control the Raven totem. Business is a middle name for those born with the Raven totem. They like growing ideas and businesses while also safeguarding their financial future.

Raven is very captivating, as brilliant as the sun, and has a strong sense of morality. Ask a Raven if you need someone to represent you in a sales transaction. They’ll receive a lot more than you requested.

Despite Raven’s active business pursuits, he is a rather laid-back bird. They are calm and sensitive, especially while coping with stressful situations. Raven might be enthusiastic about a concept or project, and she can be somewhat demanding in the process. Raven calms down and begs for forgiveness in a completely repentant way after he realizes his error.

If you’re flying with the Raven totem, you’re probably always looking for fresh opportunities. Ravens don’t dig deep roots; instead, they prefer to follow the wind wherever it leads them. Raven may feel as if they are on the periphery of life, peering in until they are ready to land and remain set for a time.

Ravens are attracted to bright objects. They desire to be in the presence of beauty. This proclivity isn’t always useful, but it’s a lot of fun. Shiny objects may also be used to describe a new initiative or concept. While it may seem incredibly exciting, putting it into practice is not always straightforward.


The Fire element governs the Salmon totem and the cardinal direction of South-Southwest. If you thought Beaver was an aggressive individual, wait till you met a Salmon. They move so quickly that Salmon seems to vanish in an instant. People are drawn to Salmon by his energy and passion, and they often join him in the stream. The experience is all-encompassing, loaded with high-octane excitement, and generally concludes with a triumph.

Those born under the sign of the Salmon need to have goals that are relevant to them. Nothing is done without considering how it may be made more useful, caring, and responsive to a real need. In Salmon’s universe, greed has no place.

Salmon has a lot of energy and imagination when he’s with his companions. Deep understanding develops inside the circle of that connection. This encounter has eternally altered Salmon and their spouse for the better.

If you’re a Salmon, you’ll always cheer for the underdog, to the point of obsession, since you care so much. You witness people who serve, often without receiving any kind of acknowledgment. With a sophisticated stage presence, Salmon is ready and prepared to give exactly that.

Salmon’s affinity for Water is reflected in this Totem’s attributes. You are imaginative, artistic, and refreshing. You are drawn to areas that provide live Water for your mind and soul to drink freely.


The element of Water and the cardinal direction of the Northwest are both related to the snake totem. Snake is the most popular Totem among Shamans, according to Native American legends, since they are the tribe’s healer and spiritual guide. The Shaman, like the Snake, is unfazed by a little drama. They have a calm demeanor and keep everything in perspective.

If Snake is your totem animal, you probably like solving puzzles and discovering mysteries. You also treat secrets with respect and care. As a confidential listener, people can rely on you.

Snake is amusing, clever, and adaptable in social situations. Snakes may shed their skins metaphorically, not just for development but also for adaptability to their environment. Snake also appreciates assisting those who have profoundly personal objectives.

Snake totem people have a lot of their thoughts. They can think about ten things simultaneously and are excellent multi-taskers. Snake is a gregarious and crafty character who faces life front-on. Snake’s problem is that letting go of the past is tough. There are always the “what if” scenarios to worry about.

When you walk with Snake, you have a natural aptitude for metaphysical and spiritual issues. You could even opt to follow Adept’s path to fulfill a greater purpose. Snake is well-suited to this work, with a high level of attention and sensitivity without the need for praise.


Snow Goose is associated with the Earth Element and the North cardinal direction. If you’re seeking someone motivated and driven, look for someone who has a Snow Goose totem. These one-of-a-kind birds have a game plan for practically every minute of the day. This kind of life offers Snow Goose a feeling of security and helps them gain the confidence they often lack.

You’ve set a high standard for yourself if this is your Native American Totem. Snow Goose’s challenge includes this. Keep your expectations modest, or you may disappoint yourself. The good news is that you can laugh off even the most irritating failures. You’ve learned to laugh at yourself, which is a highly therapeutic skill.

The Snow Goose is a lover, not a combatant. You’d rather put your energy into excellent deeds for the greater benefit. The significance of the expression “slow and steady wins the race” is shown by this totem animal. Snow Goose is constantly focused on the goal, yet she understands that even the greatest achievements cannot always be achieved quickly.

Snow Goose individuals like building a pleasant oasis inside their group. Every room in the house is filled with beauty. This brilliance shows Snow Good’s actual soul, which is incredibly honest and loyal, especially to close family members. Snow Goose patiently examines the situation and provides assistance when someone in the group is in pain.


The Wolf totem is governed by the element of Water and the cardinal direction of Northeast in the Native American Zodiac. The concept of a lone Wolf is accurate for this animal zodiac sign since Wolf individuals need alone regularly. They are balanced by the fact that they have a very close connection with their spouse, who is aware of their proclivity and provides them space when needed.

A Wolf’s heart is exceedingly generous. They seem to have no boundaries regarding what they are prepared to donate to people in need. Unfortunately, some individuals take advantage of Wolf’s personality. Wolf must be cautious and vigilant to detect actual motives in this situation.

Wolf behaves as a protector and guardian when he is around a group of individuals he trusts. This Totem is associated with those who have sharp brains and devoted hearts. The Wolf totem is guided by instinct, which is usually correct.

You are a natural seeker if the Wolf is your birth totem. As a result, folks may trust you just because you seem to know where you’re headed (and, more importantly, why). When it comes to philosophy or spirituality, this quality emerges brilliantly. Wolf understands how to move between worlds and maintain a healthy balance in their everyday lives. Wolf instructs with ease, oblivious that their “walk” screams volumes.


For the Element of Water and the cardinal direction of the South, the melodic Woodpecker pounds out her rhythm. Woodpecker is the nurturing element of the Sacred Mother in the Native American Animal Zodiac. People who live in the woods naturally know when and how to help. “Kiss boo-boos and make them better,” they say.

Woodpecker is devoted to his relationships. She is meticulous in her search for the ideal companion. When Woodpecker commits to someone, she saves all her time and efforts to make that person happy. The warning for Woodpecker is to avoid falling fully into your companion since this will cause your distinctiveness to be lost.

You have a way with money if this is your birth totem. You’re almost as good as an accountant when checking accounts and banking. There’s a good reason to pay attention to budgeting: it ensures financial stability for your loved ones, which lifts your spirits.

A fondness for Nature is another trait shared by persons born with a Woodpecker totem. Many people are attracted to work in ecology or other environmental studies for various reasons. Woodpecker’s spirit receives warm, comforting vibes by being linked to soil firma.

Woodpecker’s hardest struggle is reconciling his brain and heart. She is a sensitive person who is quickly overwhelmed by feelings. To do so, Woodpecker must control the amount of love he gives and maintain a healthy balance in his relationships. For Woodpecker to be happy, he has to love himself.

Overview of the Native American Zodiac and Astrology

The Native American Zodiac & Astrology’system’ resembles other celestial systems for forecasting our present and future.

In its most basic form, Astrology uses the positions of the stars, moon, and sun at the moment of your birth to create a pattern that depicts your unique, fundamental existence, even on a spiritual level. This notion is expressed by metaphysical practitioners using the phrase “as above, so below.”

In a holy network, we are connected to the Earth, the stars, and living things. Native American Astrology assists us in being more conscious of those connections, encourages us to trust our intuition, and serves as a method for personal development.

The ultimate goal of this astrological method is to help individuals realize their entire mission and the contracts they signed as spiritual beings in this realm.

The act of giving birth is a very genuine kind of initiation.

Knowing what you’re here to learn makes a huge impact on how you make decisions.

This original purpose is a DNA archetype that influences not just us individually but also the collective consciousness. In other words, the Native American Zodiac is a way of accepting your duty in this life while also preparing for the next reincarnation cycle.

That may come off as glum at first, but it isn’t. According to Native Americans, life is a never-ending wheel on which each soul goes to its final destination.

When one door shuts, another one opens, bringing the new potential for self-actualization. Put another way; it’s the trip, not the goal, that counts.

The phase of the moon determines how much effect your Native American Zodiac Sign has in your life and how it unfolds, with the new moon giving inspiration, the waxing moon exposing emotions, the full moon spiritually active, and the waning moon offering release. Each animal totem has a color connection, an elemental connection, and linkages to the winds!

As you read the personalities & traits of the 12 signs, you’ll see additional correspondences.

Native American Astrology is best learned in little increments. When you give it time and attention, there’s a lot to learn and many layers of knowledge that peel back like an onion.

This complicated voyage is recommended for those who desire a deeper knowledge of Nature’s cycles and secrets. It will alter your perceptions of yourself, others, the Earth, and the world.

Consider maintaining a notebook in your study for those “ah-ha” moments. The teachings you gain from the Native American Zodiac will become more meaningful as you grow and study. Trust your Spirit Animal as a trusted companion and companion on your path.

This astrological method is really thorough. You won’t learn everything in one sitting, and what I’ve supplied here is only a high-level overview to give you a feel of the overall structure. So take a deep breath and continue to read!

Western Astrology vs. Native American Zodiac & Astrology

Traditional Western astrology is well-known, but Native American astrology is far from what you read in the daily newspaper.

Whereas solar astrology focuses on the 12 signs of the Zodiac, this method considers the whole chart of a person. Yes, the sun is important, but so are several other bits of information that create a three-dimensional image of our soul’s purpose.

There is no preference in Native American systems for one sign or archetype over another. They’re all crucial to grasping the overall picture.

These potential human archetypes come in various sizes and hues, with a wide range of possibilities!

Your Native American Zodiac chart is the screenplay of your life. This, however, has no bearing on the idea of free will. There’s no need to be concerned; there’s plenty of opportunity for improvising.

Consider your chart to be similar to the outlines of a coloring book; you may use whichever colors you choose and even doodle beyond the lines!

The origins and history of the Native American Zodiac and Astrology

People relied greatly on signs and omens from their environment, particularly the stars, in ancient times.

It was often left to a Medicine Person or Shaman to interpret these indications, as it is with wise people, healers, magicians, and globe walkers (psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, etc.).

The ancients paid great attention to the sky and the Earth, relying on predictable patterns to inform them when to sow, harvest, travel, etc. This practice resembles a hybrid of a contemporary road map and a Farmer’s Almanac in many respects.

Native American stories and fables related to the star pattern were also linked to their culture and beliefs. The Zodiac, by extension, employs such tales to demonstrate greater truths.

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