Owl Symbolism & Meaning

From time – to – time, we all need help getting the courage to see the truth. Do you want to figure out what’s going on? The Owl may assist as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal! Owl Spirit shows you how to get the courage to peer into the darkness and open your eyes. Explore Owl symbolism and significance to learn more about how this animal spirit guide may help, focus, and teach you.

Symbolism and Meaning of Owls

Owl is a means of connecting with your Higher Self and seeing things from a spiritual viewpoint; this new perspective helps you open doors to other worlds and communicate with the Devas, Ancestors, Angels, and the Divine.

The Owl has a great affinity with the element of air. Ascend to the heights with Owl Spirit and fly through the corridors of the Akashic records. Owl will reveal things to you that might otherwise stay concealed, so be ready to view items in a new light.

Owl is impossible to fool, so this Spirit Animal advises us to be loyal to ourselves, our voices, and our visions. Owl is not a fan of deception or secrets. If there are any skeletons in the closet, you can be sure Owl will discover them and begin cleaning the home.

Unsurprisingly, the Goddess Athena adored Owls. Owl Spirit was the ideal partner since Athena is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated Deities in history, and Her characteristics included knowledge and strategy. Owl was also a guardian in Greek mythology. An Owl flying over a soldier or army was thought to herald victory since the Owl would stay vigilant.

The Celts and Egyptians viewed the Owl as a gatekeeper to other worlds, especially the spirits of the deceased, as a nocturnal monster. In some traditions, this bird truly follows a soul on its journey so that it does not get lost.

The Owl symbolizes sacred knowledge in Native American culture (you’ll get to know me, I love puns). This Spirit Animal Guide is a fantastic helpmate and mentor when you first start studying the mysteries.

Overall, Owl represents the ability to negotiate any darkness in our lives; this Spirit gives insight, prophetic clues, and a profound connection to the mystical world.

An owl is an animal with a spirit.

When Owl appears in your life, you have the potential to become much more attentive. Take a seat on that tree branch and keep an eye on things. When you’re not rushing about as much, you’ll be surprised at how rapidly time passes.

You’ll notice several key things that you previously overlooked. The Owl provides you with “new” eyes to observe the world’s layers of symbolism and significance.


The eyes of an Owl change from telescopic to tiny in a second. You may see into the past, present, and future with incredible precision when Owl energy surrounds your Spirit.

As a Spirit Animal, Owl often asks us to let go of the past and lay down responsibilities that hold us back. To reach genuine happiness, you must confront your shadows and anxieties and go beyond them.

Owls do more than bestow the power of “Second Sight” to humans. The hearing of these magnificent birds is truly “perfect stereo.” Their ears are not symmetrical, with one being higher than the other, allowing sound to be heard in each ear individually.

As a Spirit Animal Guide, Owl may help you hear what is stated, despite the messenger’s words and feelings.

Owl as a totem animal

Owl as a Totem Animal will strengthen your connection to the Yin of the Universe and your knowledge of lunar cycles. Embrace your inner Goddess, weave your spells under the full moon’s light, and pay attention to your inner voice.

As a Totem Animal, Owl paves the path for spiritual entities to view the human bodies in which they reside. You will learn things about others that may be difficult or unsettling at times, but you will see the truth. Many individuals with Owl totems notice that their clairvoyance improves dramatically.

The Owl is a symbol of intelligence. When you’re faced with a difficult circumstance, rely on the guidance of this Spirit. Start believing in your spiritual intuition when it comes to others, and let the beauty of the night inspire your creativity.

Owl Spirit has perfected the art of being silent and draws power from this mastery. You will not squander valuable energy by talking incessantly with Owl as your Totem Animal.

Keep in mind that you only have one mouth, two eyes, and two ears. Four times more time should be spent seeing and listening than speaking. You’ll be able to gather insights that others overlook because they’re too preoccupied with their thoughts.

Owl is a powerful animal.

When you’re opening a portal to another dimension, call on Owl as a Power Animal. You’ll discover peace in the calm of the night as the Divine’s voice becomes increasingly audible.

Owl glides through our lives softly but constantly asks, “WHO?”

So, if you work with this spiritual being, get ready for self-actualization.

Owl Medicine can help you when it’s time to say what’s on your mind. Remember that owls are prey birds, and nothing can stop them once they’ve set their sights on “the prize.” What or who have you put your heart on? Patience, focus, and calm may all help you win the day.

When you need to see all the intricacies of what or who is approaching you or what is directly in front of you, call on Owl Energy.

Owl Symbolism in Native American Culture

Native Americans call the Owl a Night Eagle because it can see so well at night. They see the Owl as a quiet and ferocious conjuror who foretells death’s approach.

The Owl is a creature that carries power on its wings and is a harbinger of truth, especially to oneself.

As a Celtic Animal Symbol, the Owl

Owls were ardent advocates of truth and honor in Celtic mythology, and they knew the route to the underworld. Even when we are misleading ourselves, Owl has zero tolerance for dishonesty.

The ancient Goddess of Fertility was strongly associated with the Celtic Owl. It is commonly depicted in knotwork and bestiaries and is respected for its capacity to see in the dark and serve as a conduit between people and the Divine.

Dreams of Owls

Owls in your dreams might be a warning from your higher self to be cautious of a situation or person that does not seem to be what it seems. It might also be an omen of death, figuratively or literally, or a message from the Ancestors or the dearly departed.

Owl Zodiac Signs and Astrology

The Owl is the Native American Zodiac and Astrology sign for those born between May 21 and June 21 (Southern Hemisphere) and November 22 and December 21 (Northern Hemisphere).

Owls are exceptional communicators, especially when it comes to the big Mysteries. You’re quick-witted, have high standards, and have a strong sense of honor.

Because of their remarkable ability to move silently and successfully through metaphorical or real darkness, those born under the Owl Native American Zodiac & Astrology Sign may be misinterpreted. You’re also quick on your feet, making it difficult for others to keep up with you.

Symbolic Meanings of Owls

  • True Observation
  • Watchfulness
  • Discretion
  • Privacy
  • Learning & Knowledge
  • Wisdom from the past
  • The Influence of Silence
  • Paying Attention to the Small Print
  • Getting a Bigger Picture

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