Dream about saving a drowning child

Dream about saving a drowning child

In your dreams, think about how to save funds A person drowns Symbolically, a child is a small piece of important information that you didn’t think to look for or didn’t know about. You will be able to finish a project. Need a new look at where your life is going. In love, the dream … Read more

Dream about coughing blood

dream of someone coughing up blood

Having a dream about coughing blood is a sign of how you feel about having sex and having fun. Perhaps you need to be riskier with your emotions. You are putting the needs of other people above your own. There is value in the dream, which could be warmth, wealth, or luxury. You are aware … Read more

Dream about fantasy world

dreams about fantasy world

Having a dream about a fantasy world means that you will be happy for a long time and be in good health. I think you’re going with the flow. You also take a lot of pride in your loyalty and giving. It means that you are having problems inside. A lot of people don’t notice … Read more

Dream about dead baby becoming alive

reviving a dead baby dream

Dream about a dead baby. To become alive is a sign of business, vision, success, and imagination. You’re moving into a new phase of your life. There is a fear that you will forget something. The woman in your dream is either your sister or a very important person in your life. You don’t want … Read more

Dream about someone trying to tell you something

what does it mean when you dream about someone you don't know and you like him

A dream about Someone attempting to communicate with you hints at feelings of sensuality and tranquillity to surface. Your personality has a hidden treasure that you have yet to find. You will put up a front or a front to hide your true identity. The dream serves as a warning sign for emotions that have … Read more