Pig Symbolism & Meaning

Are you digging around in life to try to find the treasures? Don’t you know how to have fun anymore? Is it time to connect more with Mother Earth? A pig can help as a Spirit, a Totem, and a Power Animal.

Pig teaches you how to keep your sense of playfulness even when things aren’t going well. Dig deep into the Pig’s symbols and meanings to learn how this Animal Spirit Guide can help, guide, and inspire you.

Pig Symbolism & Meaning

Pigs have mixed meanings in modern culture since the word “pig” is often misused, but the ancients saw them differently. Have you ever thought about why people used piggy banks to save money? Because the Pig is a sign of plenty, wealth, strength, and never go without the things you need.

The meaning of pigs is very close to that of boars. When they hunt, wild boars are fierce and determined. Wild Boar is a good Animal Spirit Guide to call on when you want to reach hard-to-reach goals or stop putting things off. Wild Boar Energy can help you find and catch what you care about most.

Pigs are thought to be the most intelligent animals in a barn. They are easy to train and often learn faster than Dogs. People think Pig is not very smart because they don’t get to spend much time with these fantastic animals.

Also, don’t forget that Pig doesn’t care what people think. The creature doesn’t care if anyone notices how smart it is or if anyone else thinks it is brilliant. Pig keeps plowing forward and enjoying the simple things in life.

Pig’s ego doesn’t want to be in the spotlight, so it gets things done right in front of people who can’t see this beautiful soul. In the same way, staying out of sight can sometimes help you win a battle. Sometimes, it’s best if people don’t know why you’re doing something or see you coming.

On Earth and in the Spirit Realms, pigs often use their sense of smell. Even though the world and seasons change, pigs know how to stay alive. The creature can help you through challenging changes and give you new energy.

Pay attention if you are working with Pig and you feel terrible. In the same way, when the winds are calm, you can confidently move forward and find whatever you need to feed your body, mind, and spirit.

Not everyone understands Pigs. On the Buddhist Wheel of Existence, a Black Pig represents one of the three poisons of life: greed, bad will, and delusion.

Sadly, some religions think that the Pig is dirty. Because of these old ways of thinking, Pigs can mean knowing what you’re worth even if others don’t.

Pig Spirit Animal

Finding out that your Spirit Animal is a Pig could mean that your life is about to get better. This could mean money, but it doesn’t always have to.

The Pig Spirit is linked to the Earth Element and Mother Gaia, so it’s possible that your garden will grow well or that you’ll get a lot of new networking leads all at once.

As this Spirit Animal’s gifts become apparent, you should be thankful. Now is not the time to be self-centered or give too much. Pig says, You’re safe, so share your good fortune!

The Pig Spirit Animal also represents your ability to stand on your own two feet, weather the storm, and come out even better than before. Pig doesn’t let you feel good about yourself. Instead, it asks you to be quiet and aware of yourself, so you can use your creativity to turn on a dime without falling over.

When Pig digs around in your heart, it could mean it’s time to move on. Pigs never root while moving backward, only when moving forward. They can smell out good chances.

Use the scenery around you to its fullest. If it’s not giving you the food you want, you should move on and find another place to dig.

Pig Totem Animal

If Pig is your Totem Animal, you are a person who finds it easy to make things happen. In Greek myth, Demeter, a goddess of the earth who is also in charge of fruitfulness, has a friend named Pig.

The Pig Totem is also lucky, especially when it comes to money. Some gamblers carry Pig figurines as lucky charms because they are thought to bring luck and plenty.

Pigs symbolize fertility, which can mean having children, starting a business, starting a movement, or starting a career. If your Totem Animal is a Pig, you are intelligent, trustworthy, and kind. Like most animals, Pig People don’t try to be something they’re not.

They let you know how they feel by using their Throat Chakra. If Pig is your Totem Animal, your voice will always be clear and easy to recognize.

Pig Power Animal

Use Pig as a Power Animal to connect deeply with Earth Magic. Pig gives you the stability and grounding you need to be sure of yourself when things are hard. When there are a lot of choices, you can ask Pig to point you in the right direction.

When you use Pig Energy as your Power Animal, you also get a lot of bravery. Even pigs can tell what the weather will be like, so calling on the Animal during life’s storms may help you.

As Power Animals, pigs are some of the kindest and most sensitive animals. Pink, the color of unconditional love and kindness, is the color of many Pigs.

Other Pigs are black and white, and these colors stand for the symbol of Yin and Yang, balance, and peace. Pig Energy can help you calm down when your nose is running. Ask Pig to help you avoid trouble.

Pigs know how smart it is to live in the wild. So don’t feel sorry for yourself or stay angry. Let Mother Earth eliminate the bad things in your life that come from people and situations that bother you. In the end, you’ll be grinning and happier than a pig in the mud.

What Does the Native American Pig Mean?

The Pig is another Native American symbol that ties into the idea of plenty. Native Americans thought of Pig Spirit as a Teacher, a creature that taught them about the joys of having friends.

As an Animal Spirit, Pig gives you the gifts of being reasonable, thoughtful, fair, aware, and safe. But depending on how and when the Pig shows up in a person’s life or on their Shamanic Journey, the Animal can also be a warning about greed, gluttony, and being too self-centered.

As a Celtic animal sign, the Pig.

In Celtic culture, the Pig and the Boar are seen as brave, rich, and fertile. In many Celtic stories about pigs, the boar’s bristles have a lot of power. Even King Arthur fought a boar with silver and gold bristles, usually colors associated with royalty. The hairs are a sign of significant influence because of their appearance.

The Pig and the Boar are linked to the Fire Element in the Celtic system. The elemental connection connects the Pig to the South Cardinal Direction and its energy. Celts also thought there was a link between the boar and being brave and heroic.

Pig Dreams

When you look at what pigs mean in dreams, you can’t separate them from hogs and boars. When you drive, remember that sometimes a picture tells a play on words.

So, if you dream of a boar, it means that something in your waking life is boring or that you see other people as boring. The word hog can mean someone who takes up too much of your time or a motorcycle: The important thing is to find out what speaks to you.

If the Pig in your dream is clean, you will have a lot of money. Piglets can tell when a child or a pet project will be born. Pigs in mud could mean you are in a messy situation you need to get out of. Or maybe you or someone you know is stuck in self-centeredness.

Pig in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

People born under the Pig or Boar sign in the Chinese Zodiac are the most caring people worldwide. Pig People will probably always do something to help others or make the world better. The heart of the Chinese Pig Person is made of platinum. They love each other, in good times and the wrong.

The Year of the Pig or Boar is also a year of completion in the Chinese Zodiac. It’s time to put an end to relationships, decisions, and situations that need to come to an end. The Year of the Pig brings luck and a chance to have children.

What Does the Far Eastern Pig Mean?

Pigs are signs of wealth, happiness, and intelligence in the Far East. In Japan, pigs and boars are seen as restless and dangerous. They can also stand for fertility and good luck.

What Do Pig Symbols Mean?

  • Abundance
  • Good Luck
  • Fertility
  • Forward Movement
  • Ahead of the curve
  • Sincerity
  • Determination
  • Agriculture
  • Greed
  • Materialism

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