Tiger Symbolism & Meaning

Do you want to renew your feeling of adventure? Do you want to reawaken your fighting spirit? As a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, the Tiger may assist! Tiger tells you how to connect with your inner warrior while embracing your untamed curiosity!

Discover how this Animal Spirit Guide may energize, motivate, and enlighten you by delving into Tiger symbolism and significance.

Symbolism and Meaning of Tigers

“Tyger Tyger, glowing hot, / In the jungles of the night; / What eternal hand or sight, / Could build thy dreadful symmetry?” wrote William Blake, summarizing much about the Tiger.

The Tiger’s symbolism is ferocious and frightening, to the point that Blake wonders how strong a Divine being would have to be to create such a monster. In metaphysical imagery, the Tiger is associated with willpower, strength, aggression, and courage.

In terms of global implications, the Tiger possesses duality. The saying “don’t disturb a sleeping tiger” encapsulates this creature’s evil side. Life is unpredictable, and when the Tiger awakens and strikes, the consequences are rapid, certain, and typically unpleasant. Now is not the time to make hasty choices.

On a more positive side, seeing tiger imagery repeatedly in your life serves as a strong reminder of overcoming difficulties and phobias by regaining your power.

Tigers symbolize the capacity to regulate powerful emotions better. If these visions make you uneasy, it might be a warning that you’re being pursued or threatened by someone or something, and you need to confront it.

Spirit of the Tiger

When Tiger appears as a Spirit Animal, approach it with care. Tiger will teach you to be patient. It will show you when to move and when to stay still, and in the end, you will be able to hunt successfully.

Tiger will not allow you to arrange things at random, nor will he let you put off taking that next big step since the Path is already apparent.

Tiger also provides amazing strength in terms of spiritual development. The Universe employs tests as a learning tool on occasion. These things might wear down a traveler’s spirit, but Tiger is ready to provide a strong paw to keep you going.

In the wild, tigers are renowned for their incredible bursts of energy, which you may use for every obstacle you encounter.

Tiger Spirit Animals typically want adventure, and they can stare down a statue! When Tiger wants something, there isn’t much that can stop it. The danger here is to stay away from a self-serving agenda.

This is most common in the early stages of a spiritual engagement. As you get closer to Tiger, you’ll be able to resist temptation more effectively. In the meanwhile, a chrysoprase crystal may assist you.

If a Tiger is your spirit animal, your relationships and sexual manifestations will be fierce. You adore and aspire to be a parent. Female tigers take pride in their mothering responsibilities and keep their cubs near to learn from.

Totem Animal: Tiger

If Tiger is your Birth Totem, you are generous, curious, energetic, aggressive, and intelligent. You have excellent communication skills and a strong sense of leadership. Many persons with the Tiger as their Totem are business entrepreneurs or occupy significant social positions.

Tigers are self-assured. There are no doubts about Tiger Energy and Medicine — this cat is the epitome of graceful strength. Tiger Energy promotes self-actualization; you start to feel at ease in your skin and even like it.

Tigers frequently seek out people with negative body views or low self-esteem; you, too, will be a role model for others on how to value one’s true self.

Tiger is all about keeping your focus on the goal of spiritual progress and awareness. Tiger is a Power Animal that delivers unwavering discipline and energy, no matter your energetic objectives.

Tiger is a Shamanic sign for mending the immune system and removing environmental poisons from the body.

Tigers are powerful animals.

When you need a boost of confidence, call on Tiger as your Power Animal. There is no uncertainty about Tiger energy and medicine — this cat is the epitome of graceful strength.

She teaches self-actualization as a Tiger energy guide — you start to feel at ease in your skin and even like it. That is why Tigers often seek out people who have negative body views or low self-esteem.

Tiger is all about keeping your focus on the goal of spiritual progress and awareness. As a Power Animal, Tiger gives unwavering focus and vigor for whatever your energetic objectives are.

Tiger represents healing, the immune system, and the removal of environmental poisons from your system from a Shamanic perspective.

Dreams of a Tiger

Tigers in dreams often indicate your willpower. Tigers face hardships; therefore, having a plan about a tiger might mean you’re being told to rediscover your “tiger battling spirit.” The image of a tiger running away represents escaping from an emotional crisis or a particular need.

Tiger may signify your untamed nature and a longing to let your wild side out to play if it appears in your dreamscape. If the Tiger pursues you in your dream, it urges you to investigate and accept your Shadow Self to gain a better feeling of emotional and spiritual completeness.

If the Tiger’s stripes are prominent, your dream foreshadows waking-life situations in which you or someone you’re engaging with is too rigid or unmovable.

If you’re running from a tiger in the jungle, you can be feeling overwhelmed by the situation, or your dream may be warning you that you’re not ready to confront your greatest fear. Dreaming about a tame Tiger indicates that you will be free of emotional turmoil and will be able to overcome phobias.

Tiger Zodiac Signs and Astrology

Those born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Tiger are brave, energetic, capricious, and poised. Anyone born under the Zodiac Sign of the Tiger is charming, has a fiery personality, and understands how to turn on the charm.

Tiger People may be unpredictable and obstinate at times, and their temperament can become dangerous if they are not cautious.

Symbolic Meanings of the Far Eastern Tiger

Tigers represent China’s pride, courage, fierceness, defense, and austerity. Tigers are depicted in people’s houses or on their clothing to safeguard their belongings or themselves.

Tigers also symbolize plenty, as shown by the wealth-ruling god Tsai Shen Yeh, often depicted with a Tiger on his side. In the hues yellow, red, blue, black, and white, Five Tigers are shown in one creature narrative as guaranteeing cosmic balance by upholding the Universe.

The five Chinese elements, Earth, Fire, Water, and Metal, and the Sun and the seasons, are all ruled by the same Tigers.

Key to Tiger Symbolic Meanings

  • Confidence
  • Curiosity
  • Dignity
  • Prowess
  • Unadulterated Strength
  • Sexuality
  • Spiritedness
  • Strength
  • The Four Seasons
  • The Sun is a powerful force.

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